MCC History


A Brief History of the Metropolitan Catholic Colleges Sports Association


Competition records indicate the first Metropolitan Catholic Colleges [MCC] swimming carnival was held in 1915. The association has a history of tradition with sports such as Athletics, Cricket, Golf, Rugby League, Swimming and Tennis being played in the same format as we compete in today.

Swimming carnivals were held at North Sydney Pool as far back as the 1960’s, Athletics carnivals at the Sydney Cricket Ground the first of which was in 1929. Golf commenced in 1967 at Moore Park Golf Course and tennis in 1969 also at Moore Park. Soccer and Squash were introduced to the sporting calendar in the late 1970’s.

Many Catholic Secondary Education Institutions have been members of the MCC association at some stage in the twentieth century, these institutions include:

  •  Christian Brothers High        St. Mary’s Cathedral
  •  De La Salle College                Marrickville
  •  Marist Brothers High              Darlinghurst
  •  Marist Brothers High              Hamilton (Newcastle)
  •  Marist Brothers High              Maitland
  •  St. Patrick’s College               Strathfield
  •  St. Leo’s College                     Wahroonga (joining in 1978)

Long standing members of the association currently still competing are:

  •  De La Salle College                Ashfield
  •  Marist Brothers                       Kogarah
  •  Christian Brothers High          Lewisham
  •  Marist Brothers                       North Shore
  •  Marcellin College                    Randwick

with current members:

  • Marist Brothers High              Pagewood ( joining in 1968)

After the departure of St. Mary’s Cathedral in the early 1990’s the most recent College to be invited to join the MCC association in 1999 to re-establish an eight team competition was:

  • La Salle College                      Bankstown

In 2013 Holy Cross College Ryde joined the association following the departure of St. Leo’s College Wahroonga in 2012.



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