MCC Representative Rugby League

NSWCCC Selection Trials

Friday 19th May & Saturday 20th May 2017



Under 15

Game 1 v Sydney Independents  WON 18 – 12

Tries:  Jake Kambos (Pagewood) 2, Evan Manning (Randwick)

Goals:   Ned Hicks (Pagewood) 3 from 3

Man of the Match:  Dylan Williams (Randwick)


Game 2 v Southern Country        WON 34 – 22

Tries:     Liam Kawa (Ryde) 2, Dylan Cowin (Ryde), Jordan Swann (Ashfield), Jayden Lawandos (Ryde), Dylan Giles (Randwick), Ned Hicks (Pagewood)

Goals:   Zane Camroux 3 from 7

Man of the Match:  Liam Kawa (Ryde)


Game 3 v MCS                   LOST 16 – 24

Tries:     Jordan Swann (Ashfield) 2, Cameron Winder (Pagewood)

Goals:   Ned Hicks 1 from 2, Zane Camroux 1 from 1

Man of the Match:  Jordan Swann (Ashfield)


The MCC team began the 2017 carnival against Sydney Independents who are traditionally a strong team. The team had their photo an hour and a half before kick off, so there was lots of waiting around which added to the nerves of some of the players.  After a slow start the boys found themselves behind 10 – 0 early.  However they fought back to score just before halftime thanks to some positional changes.  In the end they picked up their game and finished the stronger of the two teams.  The game was cut short as a result of a player injury in the other team, however the consensus was that we could have scored a few more tries if the match continued.

A change to the draw in 2017 meant our second match was against a team that had already played earlier in the day.  After another slow start the MCC boys dominated scoring 7 tries in approximately 30 mins.  Southern Country were able to cross for some late tries however the result was beyond doubt.

The final match of the carnival had both teams who finished first in their respective pools play off against eachother.  It was the second year in succession the U/15 MCC had the honour of playing in that match.  They played a strong MCS team.  Another tight start to the match saw MCC score first for the first time all weekend.  Conceding a lucky try before halftime didn’t help our confidence & some positional changes changed the dynamic of the team.  They fought well however going down 4 tries to 3.

Congratulations to the following students who were selected in the NSWCCC squad:

Zach Maling (Pagewood), Zach Kambos (Pagewood), Liam Kawa (Ryde) and Zayne Wilkins (Ryde).

Once again the MCC coaching staff were disappointed to only have 4 players selected to play in the CCC team.

All players conducted themselves in the manner expected of MCC students.  They were a pleasure to coach.


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MCC Opens 2017
Name School
1 Curtis Wilson Holy Cross College Ryde
2 Joshua Boumelhem Holy Cross College Ryde
3 Lachlan Hutchinson-Walters Marcellin College Randwick
4 Johnathan Mitsias Marcellin College Randwick
5 Richard Chan-Hampton Champagnat College Pagewood
6 Ben Stevanovic Holy Cross College Ryde
7 Max Burey Holy Cross College Ryde
8 Will Lawson Holy Cross College Ryde
9 Bennett Wheelhouse Holy Cross College Ryde
10 Charlie Poche Marcellin College Randwick
11 Mateo Tatola Holy Cross College Ryde
12 Ethan O’Neill Marcellin College Randwick
13 Daniel Fifita Champagnat College Pagewood
14 Matthew Dive Champagnat College Pagewood
15 Reihana Leuii Champagnat College Pagewood
16 Ryan Power Marist College Kogarah
17 Ben Cody Holy Cross College Ryde
18 Pessamino Pasina La Salle College Bankstown
19 Angus McElroy Holy Cross College Ryde
20 Sosilia Teakaraanga Holy Cross College Ryde
21 Campbell Graham Marcellin College Randwick
Coach Rob Nehme Holy Cross College Ryde
Trainer Michael Daher La Salle College Bankstown
Manager Peter Giles Marist College North Shore



MCC U/15 2017
Name School
1 Jackson Willson Marcellin College Randwick
2 Ned Hicks Champagnat College Pagewood
3 Dylan Giles Marcellin College Randwick
4 Evan Manning Marcellin College Randwick
5 Dylan Cowin Holy Cross College Ryde
6 Liam Kawa Holy Cross College Ryde
7 Cameron Winder Champagnat College Pagewood
8 Julian Ireland Marcellin College Randwick
9 Zach Kambos Champagnat College Pagewood
10 Sitiveni Tabua Holy Cross College Ryde
11 Jayden Lawandos Holy Cross College Ryde
12 Dylan Williams Marcellin College Randwick
13 Zach Maling Champagnat College Pagewood
14 Dion Teaupa Holy Cross College Ryde
15 Zane Camroux Holy Cross College Ryde
16 Paul Generakis De La Salle Ashfield
17 Jack Previtera Marist College North Shore
18 Samuel Anjoul Christian Brothers Lewisham
19 Jordan Swann De La Salle Ashfield
20 Anthony Daher Christian Brothers Lewisham
Coach Chris Duncombe De La Salle Ashfield
Trainer Toufic Mansour De La Salle Ashfield
Manager Chris Whitty Holy Cross College Ryde